March 17, 2021

Power outages can happen both in the winter and summer. Heavy rainfalls and strong winter winds can result in power loss, and so can summer storms that prolong power outages in Spokane. Power outages can disrupt communication, utility services, transportation and lead to various problems in the house. Thunderstorms also damage electric poles and other elements, causing a power outage. The most important justice you can do for your family is to adequately prepare for a power outage. Consider these ways to protect your home appliances and yourself from the adverse effects of a power outage.

Store Enough Water

Water is necessary for the everyday functioning of a home. Power outages are likely to affect your home’s water supply, especially if you use well water. Storm severity varies, and you could have your water supply sooner than you thought. However, it would help to prepare for a prolonged power outage by storing several gallons of water. Remember that you need water for washing, cooking, and bathing, so stock up enough gallons for all the family members.

Stay Connected

Preparedness for power outages includes staying connected even if you don’t have the power to watch the TV. It can be challenging to remain connected with a dead Wi-Fi signal and phone battery. Therefore, consider buying a battery-powered radio to remain updated with happenings outside your house, especially on weather updates. Remember to have extra batteries so that you remained informed during the power outage.

Use Flashlights

You need enough lighting during a power outage. Therefore, ensure that you stock up enough flashlights for each family member. Also, have extra batteries for additional light when it’s dark outside during a power outage. However, it’s wise to avoid using candles because they can be fire hazards, especially when the water supply is limited during a power outage.

With these tips, you are assured of dealing with power outages even if it lasts for weeks. We can advise you on how to stay safe during a power outage. You can also depend on our team of professionals for heating and cooling service, humidifiers, maintenance agreements, indoor air quality, and blower door testing. You don’t need to fret during a power outage in Spokane. Call NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning the next time power goes out!

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