March 15, 2023
Heat pumps in Spokane, WA

Heat pumps are quickly replacing more traditional heating methods because they work well for both heating and cooling and use less energy. However, heat pumps, like any other appliance, eventually need maintenance or repair despite their low operating costs and high convenience. Here at NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning, we care about your comfort. That’s why we’ve put together a quick troubleshooting guide you can use to troubleshoot a faulty heat pump.

Heat Pump Won’t Shut Off

When the heat pump won’t shut off, there’s a good chance something is wrong with the thermostat. Other common causes of a heat pump that runs constantly include dirty air filters, dirty AC coils, a broken compressor contactor, and refrigerant leaks.

Heat Pump Won’t Kick On

A heat pump that won’t kick on could be the result of a faulty reversing valve. Power loss and a faulty starter capacitor are two other primary causes of a heat pump that won’t work. Closed registers, thermostat issues, and dirty air filters could also keep a heat pump from kicking on.

Heat Pump Is Leaking Liquid

If you notice the heat pump is leaking liquid, turn off its power as quickly as possible. The source of the problem could be something as simple as a clogged drain line. It could also be something more serious, like a refrigerant leak.

Heat Pump Produces No Heat

Leaking ducts, dirty air filters, and thermostat issues can all cause a heat pump to not produce heat. If the heat pump’s outside unit is blocked, this could also result in no warm air.

Heat Pump Keeps Short Cycling

When a heat pump keeps short cycling, you may want to check if the pump itself is appropriately sized for your home. An incorrectly placed thermostat can cause short cycling, too. Two other common causes of short cycling include refrigerant leaks and an overheating system.

Want to learn more about troubleshooting a heat pump or have a question about your HVAC system? If so, contact NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning today and see whether your heat pump needs a technician to repair the problem. We also offer electrical services and indoor air quality solutions.

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