Indoor air quality (IAQ) services can help people in Spokane, WA, breathe easier. Our systems help remove pollutants from your home that can cause serious health problems. Let’s see why you might want to consider professional air quality solutions for your home or business.

    Indoor Air Quality in Spokane

    IAQ Services in Spokane

    IAQ is important for those who are prone to allergies and other respiratory issues. Particles enter the lungs and can cause irritation.

    Some of the more common particulates of concern in homes and businesses include:
    • Dust and allergens
    • Pet dander and mold
    • Viruses and pollen
    • Outdoor pollution

    For those who already have breathing issues, this is especially important. It’s also important for anyone with a low immune system, the elderly, and those who have other health conditions that could be worsened by poor air quality. Children who are sensitive are also at a higher risk. Even pets can exhibit symptoms from poor air quality. Poor air quality can contribute to long-term health issues, too.

    IAQ Services in SpokaneSometimes the source of these particulates is from inside the building, while others enter through cracks. Buildings are enclosed areas with restricted airflow. This causes these particulates to build up over time. That’s why having a good air filtration system with proper ventilation is important.

    A professional air filtration system draws air through a series of filters and then redistributes it throughout the building. It’s important to have a system that’s the proper size for the area. One that is too small will not do a sufficient job of cleaning the air, and air filtration systems that are available from retail stores are not as powerful as the ones installed by professionals. A professional can design a system that is tailored to the type of building you have, its airflow patterns, and size.

    Many people report a reduction in symptoms quickly after the system is installed. An air filtration system is important for businesses to create a safe and clean environment for employees and guests. Another effect of an air quality system is that it can cut down on cleaning due to a reduction of dust in the air. Air that has been cleaned by a filtration system gives you a fresh, clean feel when you walk in the door.

    Spokane Indoor Air Quality Experts

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