October 20, 2021
Optimal Sleep Temperature in Spokane, WA

The last thing you wish to experience is a night of restless sleep. Your home’s temperature can affect your sleep. Night sweats, trouble falling asleep, regular waking, and low-quality sleep may be caused by the temperature in your home. With a slight temperature adjustment, you can sleep soundly. But when setting the thermostat, how do you identify your optimal sleep temperature?

Determining the Perfect Sleep Temperature

According to medical experts, the perfect sleep temperature range falls between 60 and 72 degrees. Why such a broad range? Everyone’s optimal temperature differs. Experts at NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning recommend that you set the thermostat between 65 and 70 degrees and then adjust from there.

Simplest Ways to Determine Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

Instead of moving up and down constantly to adjust thermostat settings, we recommend considering any of these home additions to help you attain your optimal sleep temperature.

Smart AC Controller

A smart AC controller works with existing automation technologies and AC systems that operate through a remote. It simulates remote control signals, allowing you to adjust your AC settings conveniently from an app on your smartphone or mobile device.

Smart Programmable Thermostat

Smart thermostats automatically adjust your HVAC system to your desired temperature level each night, so you don’t have to leave your bed to make the adjustments. They offer considerable energy savings while keeping your space comfortable. In addition, they track how you usually adjust the settings when you’re home and make the adjustments for you.

Zoned AC System

If you and your loved ones have diverse thermostat settings preferences, consider zoning your AC for improved temperature regulation. A zoned system allows you to set preferred temperatures for each room. Zoned systems not only help improve comfort but also provide considerable energy savings. This is because your AC system will not have to cool the entire house, which translates to more energy savings.

Days and nights can get hot in Spokane, WA, but no matter the season, experts at NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning can help you curl up for more restful sleep. With over 60 years of experience, our NATE-certified technicians provide exceptional heating and air conditioning services, including furnace repair and maintenance, AC installation and repair, furnace and AC maintenance, and boiler repair and maintenance. Reach out to us 24/7 online or call us to request a service.

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