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Healthy Climate® Indoor Air Quality Solutions

From the #1 Rated filtration system to whole-home steam humidification, Healthy Climate Solutions from Lennox give you a variety of options for improving your home’s air.

The choice for a healthier, more comfortable home

Having a comfortable home goes way beyond temperature settings. The quality of the air inside your house greatly affects your comfort—and health. Tiny particles like mold, bacteria, and moisture can cause serious respiratory problems, while others like pet dander, pollen and dust can be irritating. Advanced products such as air purifiers and cleaners, working together with a Lennox® heating and cooling system, help reduce concentrations of allergens and other contaminants in the air. These and other indoor air quality products help improve air circulation and balance humidity levels. And unlike many competitors’ products, these systems clean the air without producing ozone, a known lung irritant.

Variable-speed furnace technology

A variable speed furnace motor uses two-thirds less electricity than a standard single-speed motor. With the energy savings you enjoy each month, your investment in a Lennox variable speed furnace will pay off.

Two-stage cooling: air-conditioning

There’s cool, and there’s perfectly cool. Lennox® air conditioners like the XC21 make the distinction with two-stage technology, which adjusts operating speed for a more precise temperature throughout your home.

Two-stage cooling: heat pump

Unlike typical single-stage heat pumps that operate only at full power, Lennox® heat pumps like the XP21 and XP16 can adjust heating and cooling output to match household demand. They run mostly at a low stage to maximize comfort and energy savings.

How a Heat Pump Works

Ideal for warmer climates, a heat pump is an efficient choice when you want mostly cool air and heated air only on occasion. Lennox® heat pumps can also be combined with gas furnaces for ultimate comfort and energy savings.

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