December 18, 2020

While you may not think about your home’s heating system that often, this can be a big mistake. Many homeowners damage their heating systems by not following some basic rules.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance

Heating systems are like cars. If they don’t get regular maintenance, they don’t work right and have a shortened lifespan. You need to have yours professionally maintained annually, preferably in the fall.

During a maintenance appointment, the technician will clean and inspect your system. They’ll clean critical parts to keep them from failing and ensure that they work efficiently. They inspect your system to spot issues before they cause damage. Neglecting the maintenance of your heating system is a big mistake.

Be Sure to Change Filters

If you don’t regularly change the filter in your heating system, you’ll likely cause major damage to it. The filter traps dust, dirt and other contaminants, keeping them from damaging your heating equipment. When the filter becomes clogged, airflow is reduced and your heater has to work extra hard to compensate. This can quickly cause damage.

NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning of Spokane, WA, offers a heater maintenance service. The service includes checking your filter and replacing it as necessary.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Heaters often give some warning signs that serious damage is about to occur. They may make loud noises or emit strange smells. Another warning sign is your heater turning on and off every few minutes instead of completing a full heating cycle. It may refuse to turn on, which is a big warning sign.

If you suspect something is wrong with your heater, it’s best to call an HVAC company to inspect it. They’ll diagnose the problem and give you options for fixing it. By calling sooner rather than later, you may avoid a major repair bill.

NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning installs, repairs and maintains heaters and air conditioners in the greater Spokane area. We also offer electrical services, including wiring replacement, light switch repair, appliance repairs and ceiling fan installations. Please call today to find out how we can help you.

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