October 20, 2020

Are Humidifiers More Important When Heating or Cooling a Home?

A humidifier can be used year-round to handle unpleasant dryness inside your home. However, you may find yourself reaching for a humidifier more in winter. In fact, humidifiers are so important for heaters that many heaters come with a built-in humidifying component. There are a few key reasons for why humidifiers are used alongside heaters more frequently than air conditioners.

Humidifiers Fix Dry Winter Air

Heaters are typically run when it is cold outside, and this is also the time of year when humidity levels are at their lowest. Humidity is often uncomfortably low during winter due to changes in weather patterns. With reduced rainfall during the winter months, most areas find that air is about 5-10 percent drier. To bump humidity back up to a comfortable level, a humidifier is often needed.

Heaters Make Air Feel Drier

A heater does not technically remove water from the air like an air conditioner does. However, you will still find that air ends up feeling a lot drier when the heater runs. This happens because warm air can absorb moisture better. The hot air from the heater essentially sucks air away from your skin, making you prone to dry skin, nosebleeds and other health issues. A humidifier adds enough moisture to the air that this is no longer a problem.

A Humidifier Lets Your Heater Work Less

The humidity levels in a home can have a huge impact on how the air feels. When humidity is higher, air feels naturally warmer. This makes a humidifier a great tool for saving energy. A humidifier barely uses any energy at all, and it lets you turn your thermostat down a few degrees without feeling chilly.

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