September 18, 2020

An HVAC system does many important things for homeowners, and maintaining the interior temperature is an obvious duty. An efficient system could even keep energy costs down. There’s another element a well-running HVAC system brings to the table: it might help the home’s resale value. Buyers look at many items when pricing a home. They will doubtfully overlook the HVAC system’s positives or drawbacks.

Buying a Home and Inheriting the Costs

When purchasing a new home, the buyer also procures the heating/cooling system inside of it. If the unit is relatively new, that could be a plus. An HVAC system that is only two years old might be a bigger positive. Remember, an HVAC system only lasts so many years before it requires replacing, usually 10-15 years. When the system has many years left before requiring an upgrade, buyers won’t find themselves saddled with purchasing one right away. If the replacement is a year past due, then buyers may need to upgrade right away.

When buyers have to purchase an HVAC almost immediately after buying the home, they may drop the purchase offer price. Several would-be buyers could adjust the price offers to cover all or part of a new HVAC’s costs.

Moving the Sale

Would-be buyers may be more inclined to buy a home with a newer HVAC unit. The property could sell faster. Many sellers prefer the property sells reasonably quick rather than hanging on the market. Spokane, WA, area homeowners can call NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning to inquire about heating and cooling installation service. We also perform repairs and maintenance work.

Don’t Expect an Increase in Price

Installing a new system won’t likely increase the home’s value beyond its fair market price. An old one could lower the price, but a new one typically falls under “routine care.” Keep these points in mind, but it is smart to always check with a realtor to discuss sale pricing.

Now is the time to call NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning and request an estimate for a new HVAC system. We offer heating, cooling and electrical services in Spokane and its surrounding neighborhoods. Don’t delay. Call us today.

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