Conscientious assistance from our professional HVAC technicians is your wisest course for a mini-split AC installation in Spokane, WA. We take pride in our ability to assess your unique situation and can provide an affordable solution to keep you cool when the weather heats up.

    If you have one or more rooms that get too hot, installing a ductless air conditioning system can provide the solution required to cool off and stay comfortable.

    At NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning, we have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions if you need clarification on how a mini-split system works and how it can help solve your cooling problems.

    Installing a Mini-Split AC in Spokane

    Whether you live in an older home without ductwork or are adding on a new one, using a mini-split AC may be the answer to keeping the interior cool during the summer.

    With a mini-split system, you’ll have an outdoor and indoor unit connected with electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing. Having a top HVAC expert from our team install the unit ensures the job will be a success.

    After we complete it, you’ll have cool air in your living space without dealing with additional ductwork.

    Expect various benefits when an experienced HVAC technician installs your system:

    A mini-split system may be the best way to handle the situation if you have an older air conditioning unit and you’ve been trying to increase energy efficiency. With a mini-split unit, you can control cooling wherever you like.

    You might want to consider having our HVAC experts install one unit in your living room and another in your main bedroom to provide the best comfort possible.

    Enlisting our HVAC company to replace an older air conditioning unit with this ductless air conditioning system is a fantastic way to improve performance. When we install a newer unit or add it to an area without ductwork, it can provide the energy efficiency you need to reduce utility expenses.

    Your Mini-Split Solution

    At NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning, we proudly offer an affordable installation service if you desire a mini-split AC in Spokane. Whether you’re adding it to a new home or replacing an older air conditioning system, we know you’ll be happy with the high-quality service provided by our knowledgeable HVAC team.

    We have experience with AC installation, AC repair, and air conditioning maintenance, making us one of the best companies to use when you require professional assistance with cooling off. We take your comfort seriously, and our HVAC technicians commit themselves to providing total satisfaction.

    Spokane summers can heat your home quickly, so call us at NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning today to install a mini-split AC system that meets your needs.