May 19, 2022
AC Leaks in Spokane, WA

Traditional air conditioning units produce condensation as they cool your home. Your AC has a built-in draining system that should securely remove the water. However, your home can still experience leaks when something goes wrong in the system or an essential component hasn’t been maintained. Here are the most common causes behind AC water leaks.

Improper Installation

Window units need to be tilted slightly backward to ensure the water moves out of the system and away from your home. If the unit is completely level, the moisture inside could overfill your overflow pan. You also need to ensure your system is securely sealed against the window frame. Moisture can collect on the edges of your window unit where the cool inside air meets the warmer air outside.

Damaged Draining System

The most common cause of leaky AC units is a clogged condensate line. This drain line can easily fill up with mildew, mold and debris. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean out by yourself with common household items like vinegar, rags and a wet/dry vacuum. You should also regularly check your overflow pan to ensure it isn’t cracked or otherwise damaged.

Clogged Air Filter

AC air filters should be switched out and cleaned every one to two months at most. A dirty air filter can stifle the air in the system, which will ultimately cause ice to form on your evaporator coils. As this ice melts, water will leak into the system and your home.

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