October 20, 2022
Furnace Vs. Boiler in Spokane, WA

As winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your heating system. Whether you already have a heating system in place or not, you may need a new heat source. Two choices that you could consider are furnaces or boilers. What’s the difference? Which one would work best for you and your family? In this article, we’ll go over some of the key features each option can give you.

The Furnace and Your Home

One appealing feature that comes with the furnace is its high efficiency rating for heating a home. The furnace is able to produce fast heat when you need it the most. During a cold snap, the furnace can heat your home within a matter of minutes. The furnace is also an affordable option that can fit your budget. Coupled together with its efficient workload, a furnace could be the way to go.

The Features of the Boiler

The boiler is another great alternative for heating a home. In contrast with the furnace, a boiler can last up to 30 years. You are certain to get your money’s worth with a boiler system. Moreover, although a furnace produces fast heat, a boiler system is considered to be much more comfortable. The radiant heat that it produces is actually more efficient compared to a furnace. It makes less noise and can offer better air quality.

What Is Best for Your Home?

When you’re deciding between a boiler or furnace to heat your home, you also have to look at your budget. Whereas the furnace is much cheaper up front, you may get more use out of the boiler system with its longer life span. You also run the risk of leaky valves with gas furnaces, which could be a health hazard. Both the furnace and boiler system are efficient enough to save you money on your monthly utility bills. The biggest difference will be if you opt for a gas or an electric furnace.

In the end, your decision will come down to preference and budget. Whichever choice you make between a furnace and a boiler, remember to contact NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning for all your heating and cooling installations. We also offer heating and cooling maintenance and repair work. We proudly serve Spokane and the surrounding areas.

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