July 27, 2021
Noisy AC Unit in Spokane, WA

If your air conditioning unit makes too much noise, it can greatly disturb your peaceful home and interrupt your activities. Excessive noise from your air conditioner can also possibly indicate mechanical issues. Here’s an easy guide, provided by NORCO Heating & Air Conditioning located in Spokane, informing you how to quiet your air conditioner if it is making too much noise, and handle the issues before it grows into something expensive.

Build a Soundproof Fence

Much like how tall sound walls are built on the sides of highways to prevent nearby neighborhoods from noise disturbance, building a soundproof fence around your outdoor air conditioning can stop you from hearing it inside your home. A tall wooden fence built around your air conditioner should do the trick. Installation should not be expensive. Make sure to leave a gate in the fence to leave an opening for maintenance of the unit.

Insulate Your Ducts

Another way to prevent noise from your air conditioning unit is to install insulation inside your ducts. This soundproofing does not stop your air conditioner from generating noise, but it will keep it from reaching your living areas through your vents. Another benefit of insulating your ducts is that they will be less leaky, so you will likely save a small amount on your energy bills.

Inspect Your Unit for Repairs

If you want to fight the root cause of air conditioning noise, you may want to make repairs to your unit to stop the source. The reason for extraneous noise may be a mechanical issue, so it is worthwhile to get an inspection for your unit to find and fix the issue.

Replace Your Unit if Necessary

More modern units naturally generate less noise than older units with obsolete technology. If you have an old unit, and it is not worth it to pay for repairs or other solutions, your best option may be to purchase a new modern unit that is quieter.

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